Jonathan VanCamp – Age 15
Melissa Farrior – Age 11
Tristan Ortega – Age 8
Kendall Jones – Age 11
Carol Field
Marun Lkhagvasuren – Age Age 15

vision therapy success stories

The following stories come from individuals whose lives have been changed by Vision Therapy

Lucy Johnson Nugent

“At 16, I was an underachiever in school and had been most of my life. I had been told- as the result of every kind of test imaginable- that I was a relatively bright child. There were times when I actually believed it and would go home and spend hours writing a paper I thought so brilliant a special assembly would be called to have it read- only to have my teacher tell me, ‘Oh, Luci can’t you see where you made mistakes?’ (But that was the crux of the problem. I couldn’t really see.) The fact that we use the word ‘see’ to mean understand indicates just how important vision is to our learning process. Here I was, the younger daughter of the man who was then Vice President – and a few months later became President of the United States…and yet, I had a major visual problem that went undetected for many years. Helping someone to see better is a magnificent achievement, particularly since seeing and understanding are considered synonymous in our society. For as I once pointed out in a speech I made a few years ago, if the key to a better society is education, then the key to a better education is better vision. If you don’t have that key, you can’t open the door to a better life.”

– Luci Johnson Nugent, the daughter of President Johnson, suffered from learning difficulties due to vision problems until she discovered Vision Therapy.

Jonathan VanCamp

“I am 15 years old and in the 8th grade. (Before vision therapy) I couldn’t read or write. This made me feel frustrated. I knew I was smarter than this. I had always done modified work (special education), but now I will know what it is like to be in all regular classes.”

– Jonathan VanCamp, sponsored by the Insight Vision Center, completed his Vision Therapy Program at age 15.

“What a miracle this six months has been! In September Jonathan’s IEP (Individual Education Plan) testing graded him at 3rd grade reading and 2nd grade writing. For his High School transition testing, Jonathan has been graded at 7th grade reading! A FOUR YEAR JUMP IN SIX MONTHS!!! We cannot express our debt of gratitude…”

– Debbie VanCamp, mother of Jonathan (age 15)

Melissa Farrior

Before starting vision therapy, Melissa was reading at a 3rd grade level. We had been trying all types of reading strategies, programs and tutoring. The tutoring gave her limited help and improvement. However, Melissa still had difficulty with her homework and she refused to read. She soon lost the will to even try. Now, Melissa picks out books and reads both aloud or to herself with much enjoyment. Melissa has reached a 6th grade reading level yet she is still in the 5th grade. We will start next year prepared and happy.”

– Annette Farrior, mother of Melissa (age 11) an Insight Vision Center Patient.

Tristan Ortega

“Our lives have been changed forever! Tristan’s vision therapy successes have given him reason to believe in himself. I now see a happier child with a brighter future….he has become more confident in his abilities to read and understand what he is reading…”

– Leticia Ortega, mother of 8 year old Tristan, sponsored by the Insight Vision Center.

Kendall Jones

“…reading is becoming my most favorite subject…I don’t lose my place anymore and I understand what I’m reading”

– Kendall Jones, sponsored by the Insight Vision Center, completed his Vision Therapy Program at age 11.

Carol Field

“I had trouble in school and fell behind, even though I was bright and had obvious vision problems, I was put in special education classes and labeled hyperactive. The school psychologist’s answer was medication, sound familiar? By the time I was 15, I needed another surgery, my doctor said this pattern would continue for my entire life. I was a photo restoration and portrait artist but had to quit because of my double vision. I was forced to continue with massive amounts of prism lenses. I would trip, run into things, and stab myself in the lip with my fork. I was so stressed when I drove that I would slam on my brakes when I thought something was in front of me, usually it was not even close. I am happy to say that even though I have not yet graduated (from vision therapy), most of my goals have already been met. In my case, every other treatment was only a temporary, cosmetic solution; my vision problems were never truly addressed until I came (here). Vision therapy has dramatically improved my ability to perceive the world around me and therefore greatly improved my life.”

– Carol Field, an Insight Vision Center Patient.

Helping children around the world…

Marun Lkhagvasuren

“Hello my friends. I’m Murun. I’m 15 years old. I was diagnosed with amblyopia two years ago. The doctors in my country said that there was no treatment for me. I thought my eyes would be poor forever and I became very depressed. But, now it is unbelievable. My world has been changed. I am so very happy with my eyes and I feel very successful. Now I am doing great in school, I get “A’s” without difficulty and I am actually enjoying reading books—even in English! I am so very thankful for the wonderful doctors, staff, and donors of Insight Vision for giving me a bright future. Although, we are oceans apart, I will have sweet memories of you my whole life.”

– Murun Lkhagvasuren, sponsored by the Insight Vision Center, completed her Vision Therapy Program at age 15