Vision is a learned skill, just like  learning to walk or talk.

Who qualifies?

Who Qualifies?

All of our sponsorship beneficiaries qualify for financial assistance based upon the Health & Human Services Poverty Guidelines and our sponsorship application process. Since vision problems do not spontaneously disappear with age or maturity, the Insight Vision Center sponsors patients ranging in grades from pre-school through adult education.

Sponsorship Qualifications

  • Patients must be full-time students or enrolled for part-time study in a primary, secondary or an accredited two- or four-year college, university or vocational school and carry the prescribed minimum of 3 units/hours of academic or vocational instruction
  • Demonstrate financial need – We use the United State Department of Health & Human Services Poverty Guidelines that considers yearly income and size of family unit
  • Sponsored patients must be committed to perform 15-20 minutes of therapy activities five days a week
  • Each patient must fill out a comprehensive application form and be approved by the sponsorship comittee

Application Forms

Please download the Application Form and Eligibility Criteria in pdf format by pushing on the appropriate button below.

Send completed form and required information to:

Insight Vision Center
P.O. Box 985
Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067